As a 'chemical company' we have always taken environmental issues very seriously. This page is a simple version of our Environmental Policy. If you would like further information please do not hesitate to  contact us

It is the company's policy to ensure that all its activities are conducted safely; the health and safety of its employees, its customers and public will be protected; environmental performance will meet contemporary requirements and that its operations are run in a manner acceptable to the local community.

Paint and Coatings
Our policy states that we will strive to develop new products that have minimal impact on the environment whilst maintaining our quality and performance standards.

One of the largest environmental effects of painting is the solvents that are given off during the painting process. These solvents can cause adverse health effects (if used in poorly ventilated areas) and can contribute to pollution in the lower atmosphere. Much of our Research and Development work is targeted at reducing the solvent content of our products and/or offering water-based alternatives. Our objective is to limit the amount of solvent in the products we sell and reduce these limits over the years.

Our policy states that we will provide our customers with clear, accurate and helpful information on environmental aspects of our products, including guidance on storage, handling, use and disposal.

We provide comprehensive safety, health and environmental information that comply with the current EC directives, as well as advice on how to use the product.

We take practical steps to ensure our product manufacturing and distribution processes are carried out to minimise their impact on the environment.


COSHH Air Monitoring and Emission Monitoring audits are undertaken on an annual basis by an external consultancy in order measure levels of emissions in accordance with the Local Authority Environmental Protection Act Authorisation.


Waste is separated and recycled where possible. The collection and safe authorised disposal of solvent and paint washings are made under Duty of Care / Special Waste Regulations.


Water conservation is effected through metering and good working practices to generally limit any waste.