FLAG Paints Ltd

Established 1939. Proudly offering first class quality and service at all times. Manufacturing a wide range of high quality specialist paints and wood finishes at competitive prices. Problem solving paints such as anti-slip, anti-climb, anti-mould, roofing repair compounds, marine and antifouling paints, long term protective coatings, water based solutions, rust converters, pool paints, chemical resistant coatings, barriers and sealers, solvent pre-treatments and cleaners, specialist waxes, oils and shellac based products. Supplying Decorative, Protective and Marine products to some of the largest companies in the world!

Where are we?

Flag Paints Ltd are located in Burnham-on-Crouch on the Essex coast, a short drive from London and well connected with direct trains from Liverpool Street Station.

8 Springfield Road, Springfield Industrial Estate, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, CM0 8UA

Tel: 01621785173   Fax: 0162178393



A Little History

Founded in 1939 by Charles W. Wastnage at Leyton in the East End of London, originally the company specialised in manufacturing French polishes, shellac solutions and wax polishes for the furniture trade. During the war years the company made Bakelite varnish for the Ministry of Defence which was used on the ammunition cases and munitions. In 1976 the company moved to Danbury in Essex and began manufacturing decorative paints together with traditional wood finishing products for which the Wastnage name has built it's reputation. Throughout this time the product range increased and developed continually and in 1982, another factory was opened at Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex producing paints for the home and export trade.

The FLAG brand was initially created for exporting to the Middle-East. During 1988 C W Wastnage Ltd re-located the entire operation to its Burnham-on-Crouch site where it continues to produce a top quality range of paints (Decorative, Industrial and Marine), wood finishes, polishes and related sundries.

During 2002 the company was restructured with new management, resulting in improved focus on customer care and new product technology. In June 2004 the company was subject to a management buy out, resulting in further investment injected into the company to ensure the technological expertise can be carried through to new generations. The company name was officially changed from CW Wastnage Ltd to FLAG Paints Ltd in July 2004.


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If you are familiar with our stockist network, you will no doubt be aware that each has their own unique identity, complimenting Flag Paints Ltd with a wide cross section of products along with helpful customer service.

Our independent stockists have proved successful, not only in terms of sales of everyday and special purpose products, but also in terms of overall business growth. Working with Flag Paints Ltd brings increased footfall and more discerning and diverse customers to your store.

Our products are backed by excellent customer service and support, along with marketing programmes covering all aspects of our product range throughout each year.

As a stockist we are able to provide you with continued support from your own dedicated sales people, right through to assistance with possible export sales, including items like special one-off projects or unique requirements.

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