Anti Slip Garage Floor Paint 2.5L

anti slip garage floor paint.jpg


A very hard wearing single pack water based acrylic paint designed to seal and colour and protect concrete floors. Contains a built in special purpose fine aggregate that provides anti-slip* properties. Theoretical spreading rate 10 - 12 sq.metres per litre.  *Important Note: This product has anti-slip properties and therefore provides slip resistance, however, it is not possible to guarantee a totally non-slip surface. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd. Click here to view the slip resistance test certificate.

Aqualac (Standard and PU) 2.5L & 5L



FLAG Paints Ltd are proud to introduce Aqualac, single pack acrylic and polyurethane water-based coatings for use on all new and old wood, including floors and furniture.

AQUALAC for use on domestic and light traffic floors. A durable acrylic water-based clear coating. Easy to apply, quick drying, creating a beautiful non-yellowing finish. This product is ring resistant, which means it can tolerate hot cups. Also resistant to alcohol spills.

AQUALAC PU the ultimate heavy-duty water based floor lacquer. Quick drying, non-toxic, low odour non-yellowing easy to apply, giving a very durable scuff resistant finish. Ideal for high quality furniture, dance floors, sports halls and very heavy foot traffic areas. This product is ring resistant, which means it can tolerate hot cups. Also resistant to alcohol spills. Conforms to BS5665 (Safety for Toys), click here to view the certificate.

Aqualac Joint Filler


AQUALAC JOINT FILLER Clear Quick drying joint filler for use prior to applying Aqualac floor finish. After sanding, sawdust can be mixed with joint filler to fill larger joints and general imperfections to give a natural finish. (Important note this product is solvent/cellulose based)

AquaPolish 5L


A water-based wax for use as a reviver for wood floors which have been coated with Aqualac water-based lacquer. (This product is currently only available as a made to order bulk item).

Water Stain 5L

Light fast easy to use water stain for use on pine furniture prior to waxing or finishing. 

Colours: Black, White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Orange, Red 

Normally a bulk/special order product made on request.