62 Oil Stains 5L

Light fast oil stains for furniture or flooring. Can be over-coated with varnish or lacquer.

General Purpose Varnish 2.5L


Flexible gloss general purpose varnish, good exterior durability. Normally a special order only item.

Pure Shellac Varnish 500ml & 5L


Pure shellac varnish is a heavy duty finish mainly used where a traditional French polish is not required. It has excellent water resistance and when dried is free from chemicals and solvents. Suitable for use on packing boxes and furniture.Heavy-duty shellac finish used where a traditional french polish finish is not required. Provides an amber gloss finish. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

QD Polyurethane Varnish (Gloss & Satin)

polyurethane QD varnish 5L.jpg


Tough finish for doors, window frames, furniture and floors.  Drying time 1-2 hours. Recoat time 4-6 hours. Hard wearing polyurethane varnish for interior or selected exterior use. This tough quick drying polyurethane clear varnish is based on a high quality resin system giving excellent durability, it is hard-wearing and suitable for a wide range of areas including wooden flooring, furniture, doors and general woodwork. Available in Gloss & Satin finishes. Theoretical spreading rate 16 sq. metres per litre. 

Quick Drying Polyurethane Varnish 5L


Quick drying varnish giving a hard durable gloss finishes. Ideal for commercial use where speed of drying is essential. Various sheen levels and size options available as special order items

Shellac Sanding Sealer 62 Pale 500ml & 5L


A shellac sanding sealer made from a blend of shellacs and zinc stearate which is ideal for sealing new or stripped wood prior to waxing and french polishing. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

Spirit Stain 5L


Interior stain for bare wood. High quality spirit based stains. Light fast stains for use on furniture or floors prior to polishing or waxing. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

Yacht Varnish 1L & 2.5L

yacht varnish 1L.jpg


Gloss varnish, based on premium quality resins. Provides a tough and flexible finish. Suitable for marine applications, also doors, window frames, furniture and floors. Coverage: 16 sq. m. per litre. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.