Furniture Cleaner 500ml & 5L


Cleans and degreases furniture. A mixture of traditional oils & solvents. Removes old wax, grime & fade marks. Avoids damage to original hard finishes. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd. A special order (batch quantity) item.

FLAG Antifouling Thinner 1L (No3)

Flag anti fouling thinner.jpg


No3 thinner for use with FLAG Antifoulings and FLAG Marine Primers. Use for cleaning brushes and equipment also. Not suitable for FLAG Performance PTFE, CopperQuick or FLAG Racing Glide. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

Genuine Pure Turpentine 5L

genuine pure turpentine.jpg


Genuine Pure Turpentine is a traditional solvent distilled from the oleo resin of the pine tree. It is also known as Genuine Gum Turpentine. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

HD Thinners

Flag Paints HD Thinners.jpg

Thinner for use with Heavy Duty Elastomeric Floor Coating.

Stabilising Solution

Flag stabilising solution.jpg

Clear stabilising and penetrating sealer to bind friable and chalky substrates prior to coating with masonry paint. Coverage: 8-10m² per litre.

Xylene (T10009) Thinner

T10009 Thinner.jpg


A general purpose solvent for thinning paints, and cleaning tools and equipment etc. Manufactured in the UK supplied by FLAG Paints Ltd.