An Easy & Cost Effective Intruder Deterrent

Anti-Climb Paint has been available to purchase in the UK for over 40 years. It’s one of the simplest security products you could ever use and it may just save you a lot of money and grief!

Anti-Climb Paint (also known as non-drying paint, anti-intruder paint, security paint or anti-vandal paint) is actually quite simple, it’s a type of paint with a thick oily/jelly coating that can be applied with a stiff brush, trowel or by hand using a protective glove. In appearance it is similar to smooth gloss paint, but it remains slippery indefinitely thereby helping to prevent intruders from gaining a foothold. A good Anti-Climb Paint needs to be able to get good adhesion to various surfaces, be soft, sticky and slippery enough to cause intruders lots of problems, yet still maintain good weathering  properties to ensure that protection remains in place for years to come.

Anti Climb Paint is used to deter climbing up rainwater pipes and other building features including the tops of walls and roofs.  It’s simple brush on application straight from the tin, means it can go almost anywhere! It’s important to note that in the UK it’s generally recommended that Anti-Climb Paints shouldn’t be used on anything that is less than 2.4m in height as otherwise someone quite innocent could get covered in the stuff.  

It’s considered a lawful requirement to erect a warning sign (See Occupiers’ Liability Act 1984 and Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 in The UK Law concerning fences, walls and gates).   Importantly clause (5) of the Act states:  Any duty owed by virtue of this section in respect of a risk may, in an appropriate case, be discharged by taking such steps as are reasonable in all the circumstances of the case to give warning of the danger concerned or to discourage persons from incurring the risk. Therefore clear signage warning of an injurious topping on your wall or fence will limit your liability providing that signage is specific to the risk.

Even with the proliferation of CCTV, construction sites, commercial properties and domestic homes often remain easy targets for thieves, attracted by high-value equipment and materials that are all too easy to sell quickly to make easy profit. Poor security can also leave both residential properties and commercial sites vulnerable to arson and malicious damage, the potential cost can be high and is not always covered by insurance. The Home Office estimates that commercial plant equipment theft alone is valued at over £400m each year.

FLAG Paints Ltd has been manufacturing special purpose paints in the UK since 1939. Anti-Climb Paint sales continue to grow year on year as the product benefits are easy to see, and whilst it might not offer any absolute guarantees, it’s certainly one of the easiest and most cost effective intruder deterrents.