Anti Slip (Water Based) Floor Paint 5L & 20L

Anti slip Water Floor.jpg


A quick drying non-toxic low odour single pack water based acrylic paint designed to seal, colour and protect concrete floors. Contains dolomite stone for added strength and anti-slip* properties. Excellent water, petrol and oil resistant also ideal for general walkways. Excellent long lasting durability and colour retention. The toughest water based acrylic floor paint that FLAG has ever made! *Important Note: This product has anti-slip properties and therefore provides slip resistance, however, it is not possible to guarantee a totally non-slip surface. Stir well before use. Mix tins with different batch numbers together before use. Caution: Protect from frost when stored. Do not apply if surface temperature is below 10°C. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd. Click here to view the slip resistance test certificate.