Black Bituminous Paint 5L

black bituminous 5Ljpg


Black bitumen is based on a high quality bitumen that's dissolved in a special blend of petroleum solvents. It provides excellent protection against anti-rust, waterproofing and has good resistance to diluted acids and alkalis on a wide range of materials especially iron and steel. Conform to B.S. 3416:1988 TYPE 2 Use for protecting and preserving iron and steel fabrications, iron castings, timber, concrete. Including rainwater pipes and guttering, railings, corrugated iron sheets, roofs, manhole covers, storage tanks, pipe work, piling, concrete posts and fencing. Car, caravan and vehicle chassis work. Agricultural buildings, barns etc. Suitable for drinking water tanks, interior and exterior if used in accordance with B.S. instructions. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.