Colourman Chalk Paint 1L & 110ml

Colourman Chalk Paints provide a milky/matt finish. They are ideal for achieving various effects and finishes from distressed furniture to crackle glazing, interior decoration and replicating a lime wash finish.

Manufactured from natural earth pigments fortified with china clay and aqueous resins, these paints reproduce the traditional effects associated with the traditional chalk paints of the 18th and 19th century, recreating that lovely flat chalk like finish. Invaluable for the interior decorator, cabinet maker, restorer, architect and home owner for creating those soft natural finishes seen on old pine furniture and in old properties decorated with lime wash.

FLAG worked with Chris Mowe of Pinebrush Colourman to develop these products over 30 years ago. Pinebrush Colourman are a well established family run business, specialising in producing and selling a range of paints, made to an 18th and 19th century recipe.

These products are available in an extensive range of traditional colours. They are not available to buy direct from FLAG, but the buttons on the right hand side will take you to the Colourman website.