Chlorinated Rubber 5L

chlorinated rubber.jpg


A very hard-wearing chemically resistant paint. Ideal where conditions require a degree of chemical and water resistance typical examples would be swimming pools, manhole covers and metal tanks. It is also excellent for road markings where high visibility and durability is a must. For concrete and ferrous metals. Suitable for road markings tank lining & manhole covers. Theoretical spreading rate 15 sq. metres per litre. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

Classic Wax 450ml

classic wax.jpg


Specially formulated wax for finishing and enhancing pine and solid wood furniture. Easy to apply, giving a natural and pleasing look. A high quality traditional recipe. Also suitable for use with traditional chalk paints to provide a sheen and increased durability.  Theoretical coverage 1L covers approx. 8 – 10 sq. metres (please ensure to scale the coverage for various available sizes) Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

Colourman Chalk Paint 1L & 110ml

Colourman Chalk Paints provide a milky/matt finish. They are ideal for achieving various effects and finishes from distressed furniture to crackle glazing, interior decoration and replicating a lime wash finish.

Manufactured from natural earth pigments fortified with china clay and aqueous resins, these paints reproduce the traditional effects associated with the traditional chalk paints of the 18th and 19th century, recreating that lovely flat chalk like finish. Invaluable for the interior decorator, cabinet maker, restorer, architect and home owner for creating those soft natural finishes seen on old pine furniture and in old properties decorated with lime wash.

FLAG worked with Chris Mowe of Pinebrush Colourman to develop these products over 30 years ago. Pinebrush Colourman are a well established family run business, specialising in producing and selling a range of paints, made to an 18th and 19th century recipe.

These products are available in an extensive range of traditional colours. They are not available to buy direct from FLAG, but the buttons on the right hand side will take you to the Colourman website.

Concrete Sealer 5L

concrete sealer.jpg


Clear coating used to seal concrete floors, walls and block paving driveways. Theoretical spreading rate 16 sq. metres per litre. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

Creamy Beeswax 250ml

Creamy Beeswax.jpg


High quality traditional recipe containing only pure beeswax and genuine turpentine. Revives and enriches the natural patina wooden furniture to create a deep rich sheen. Suitable of all types of timber. Polishes and cleans, leaves a distinctive aroma. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

Danish Oil 500ml & 5L

danish oil.jpg


High quality traditional Danish Oil. Water resistant finish/seal for wooden furniture, kitchen worktops and doors. Provides a hard and durable water resistant finish. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

Emulsion Glaze 2.5L & 5L


A milk white emulsion which dries to a glass clear film. Suitable as a clear sealer on brickwork, plaster, cement etc. Can also be used as a clear finish over existing emulsion paints to produce a high gloss finish with improved washability. Specialist application for use in scenery production.

FLAG Antifouling Thinner 1L (No3)

Flag anti fouling thinner.jpg


No3 thinner for use with FLAG Antifoulings and FLAG Marine Primers. Use for cleaning brushes and equipment also. Not suitable for FLAG Performance PTFE, CopperQuick or FLAG Racing Glide. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

FLAG Bilge Paint 1L

flag bilge paint.jpg


One coat paint for all internal surfaces, ideal for bilge areas, giving good resistance to oil, grease, salt water and fresh water. (picture for illustration purposes only). Theoretical spreading rate 10 -12 sq.metres per litre. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

Flag Cruising Anti Fouling 2.5L



Copper based antifouling free from booster biocides. This is an economical (cruising grade) self eroding antifouling with proven performance within a wide variety of UK conditions and many European locations. Proven to create less 'build up' than many traditional antifoulings. Theoretical spreading rate 10 sq. metres per litre. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.


FLAG Multi-Purpose Metallic Primer 2.5L

Flag multi purpose metallic.jpg


Universal grey metallic primer suitable for above and below the waterline on all substrates with good waterproofing and corrosion resisting performance. Also suitable as a primer or barrier coat under FLAG and other traditional antifoulings. Theoretical spreading rate: 12sq.metres per litre. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd. 

FLAG Performance Extra Antifouling 2.5L



Copper based antifouling. FLAG Performance Extra Antifouling is semi-hard to enable use in most craft up to 40 knots but still able to refresh its surface with some mild erosion. Proven performance for all types fouling in all waters. Theoretical spreading rate: 10 sq.metres per litre. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd. 

FLAG CopperQuick Antifouling 2.5L


Uses the metallic copper binding with PTFE based resin to also reduce hull friction and the chance of marine organisms getting a hold. Being a ‘hard’ antifouling it can also be burnished for a racing finish. The paint comes premixed (although it requires thorough stirring before and during use), can be applied over most other ‘hard’ antifoulings and is extremely cost effective. It is therefore suitable for racing, cruising, sail, power, high speed, drying moorings, trailer boats, sea and fresh water. (Currently only available as a made to order bulk item).

FLAG Classic Wax (For Marine) 450ml



Specially formulated wax for finishing and enhancing. Suitable for polishing boat hulls/topside areas. Easy to apply, giving a natural polished look. A high quality traditional recipe. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

Flagspeed Machinery Enamel 5L


Flagspeed machinery enamel is based on high quality polyurethane, which gives good exterior durability, an appropriate primer is recommended. This is a tough industrial paint with rapid drying properties which permit short down times when painting machinery and rapid handling of components after painting. Normally a special order only item.

Floor Wax 2.5L

431 wax.png


Traditional blend of waxes, to enhance and protect wooden floors. Provides slip resistant properties. Coverage: 8-10m² per litre.Formulated to give a natural look to wooden floors. Easy to apply and buffs to a patina sheen. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd. 

Floxtone (White) 5L

Floxtone 5L.jpg


For application on external greenhouse areas to prevent too much heat entering during summer months. Designed to harmlessly wash away during winter facilitating a more constant all year round temperature. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.
Normally only available as a special order product.

French Polish 500ml & 5L


French polish for use on dark woods, or where light woods need to be slightly coloured. Can be mixed with transparent, or white polish, to provide a hint of colour. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

Garnet Polish 500ml & 5L


Dark polish for use on dark wood surfaces. To enhance the natural patina. Manufactured in the UK by FLAG Paints Ltd.

General Purpose Varnish 2.5L


Flexible gloss general purpose varnish, good exterior durability. Normally a special order only item.